Noted American Folk Artist
& Carver

While working as a commercial fisherman
at sea, Frank saved the life of a man who
had fallen overboard. Traveling the world
as a young man, over a period of twenty
years, Frank Finney made many trips
including four trips to Africa, Europe,
China, Russia, South East Asia, Guam,
Belgium, Hawaii, Honduras, Switzerland,
Egypt and
El Salvador during the revolution.
Grandparents are buried in
Durban, South
Africa. In his thirties, Frank Finney
worked on the Restoration of the
Historically Important Cavalier Hotel in

Frank Finney was Born Royland Frank Smith Finney, May 14, 1947 in
Cornwall, England.  He was named after his Uncle Royland who spent time in a
Prisoner of War Camp.
Frank Finney's father, Herman David Finney, of Native American Heritage was born in
Fredericksburg, Va.  Herman Finney was a carver who joined the US Navy and later
was a culinary artist, carving flowers and birds from fruits for Government Banquet
tables.  This included large sculptures, many of ice, which were the centerpieces.

Frank Finney's Grandfather and Grandmother, Henrietta
Grunvauld, left Hanover, Germany for South Africa in 1915.  
Frank's Mother, Ethel Grunvauld, was Dutch, born in South
Africa.  During WW II, Frank's Grandparents left South Africa
for England with their Daughter Ethel. While in route their
ship was chased by a German
Man of War.
During WW II, Frank's Father met his Mother in England. At
the age of seven, Frank moved with his family to the United
States. As a boy,
Frank spent much of his time carving
decoys, hunting, fishing and
trapping.  While the Vietnam
conflict was going on, Frank felt it was his Patriotic duty to
fight for his country, and joined the Army.
Wounded in action, Frank Finney received many awards,
the Purple Heart, V-Valor Battalion Award and the United
States Army Commendation Award.
A Folk Artist and Carver, working in
multiple mediums, including Wood, Stone,
Bone and Shell. Discussed in numerous
books and publications, represented in
well known collections. Frank Finney is
considered by many experts in the decoy
and folk art world to be the best his
generation has offered.
Frank Finney has been inspired by his
background, his travels throughout the
world, his wife Mary, his two daughters
and like many folk artists before him, his
deeply rooted religious beliefs.
David Whirligig
In Script on Front of Base:
And David put his hand in his bag, and took thence a stone,
and slang it, and smote the Philistine...
I Samuel  17:49
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